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2017 Was a Good Year for Machine Tools – What Will 2018 Be Like?

January 10, 2018

Industry analysts reported gains in consumption in 2017 and expect an even better 2018.  Last year showed signs of improvement for the machine tools industry after years of less than stellar results. According to industry reporting firm Statista, consumption of machine tools in 2017 rose 1.6% over the previous year. The previous years, specifically between 2014 and 2015, saw negative drops in the total value of the machine tool industry as a whole.

The Unpredictable Trend of Machine Tools

There are many different contributing factors that affect the success or failure of the machine tool industry. The machine tool financers significantly depend on the different sects of the manufacturing industry to make their money and when manu…

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What is equipment refinancing?

December 14, 2017

Equipment and machinery used to operate a business is usually financed through a loan or a lease. Equipment financing allows businesses, which do not have cash up front, to purchase and use the equipment in the course of the business operations.

Business equipment can also be refinanced with certain lenders. Businesses have the option to refinance their equipment loans or leases in an effort to simplify or consolidate loans, reduce monthly payments by extending the term of the loan, lower interest costs, or to have access to cash that is needed to grow the business. Equipment refinancing is available to raise working capital for business which are equipment rich yet cash flow poor.

What is equipment refinancing?

Refinancing is …

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All About Construction Equipment Loans

September 27, 2017

Today, the construction industry is booming. It is filled with opportunities that can lead to significant revenue. However, the journey towards big profits is usually hindered by lack of adequate cash to purchase the needed equipment to either compete in the market or cope with advancing technology.

This is where construction equipment loans come in. With these loans, you can get the desired machinery fast and easily without disturbing your cash flow or raising capital. Read on to find out if a construction equipment loan is right for your business.

Why you should apply for a construction equipment loan

Construction equipment financing is a great option to help you acquire the machinery or any other equipment your business need…

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